Berta Berta

O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal oh-ah 
O Lord Berta Berta O Lord gal well 

Go 'head marry don't you wait on me oh-ah 
Go 'head marry don't you wait on me well now 
Might not want you when…


He says “Hey, How you doin?” I say I'm doin fine 

won't look him in the eyes or he'll see that I am lyin 

Cause I woke up this morning, shaking like a November leaf 

and I walk down this…

Hands to Work

I live at the end of a two-rut road, 

off the Oregon Trail by the Snake River Gorge 

and I lived through The Crash, when times got hard, 

By putting my hands to work, and my heart to God 



So you say you wanna be away from me 

dye your hair, change your name, hop a bus 

and be safe from me 

And you say you won't play the game for me 

and you say you won't change your…

My Pretty Ones

He slides out of the driveway, points is headlights for the highway 

Still trying hard not to make that sound 

Got two in bed and one at the door, and pretty soon there'll be one more 

And they're all crying…


You can get up, you can get out, 

you can get underway 

You can move on, you can move up, 

you can move far away 

Oh but the places you've known 

Never realize that you've grown 

Oh and the person…

She Wants to Feel Pretty

She wants to feel pretty 

She wants to feel loved 

She wants you to need her 

Till she cant get enough 


She wants you to hold her 

She wants to be touched 

She wants you to want her 

Like the…

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Load up on guns, bring your friends 
It's fun to lose and to pretend 
She's over-bored and self-assured 
Oh no, I know a dirty word 

Hello, hello, hello, how low 
Hello, hello, hello, how low 
Hello, hello, hello, how low …

A Thousand Miles Long

There ain't no crossin' this great divide

Rivers and valleys you couldn't get past if you tried

Building walls to hide inside

My Jericho, but like livin' the lie


You don't wanna be here when it all goes wrong


Something Like A Star

"They feed upon themselves, you know."

She said as she watched me watch the glow

of a long-dead, distant, bright and shining star

I'd come out in the winter air

to escape the chill that built in there

That slowly…

Beat the Devil

When first my eyes were opened 

From the first breath that I drew 

I been running to meet the devil 

Guess I will before Im through 


Got the throttle cranked wide open 

Gotta give the man his due 

When he…

Sometimes Savior

She watched him walk away

there was nothing more to say. 

Let him go, she said

She'd let him have his head


Well, you can't win if you don't play

But she hates the losin' just the same


Endless nights…