My Pretty Ones

He slides out of the driveway, points is headlights for the highway 

Still trying hard not to make that sound 

Got two in bed and one at the door, and pretty soon there'll be one more 

And they're all crying asking him to stay 


And he says, “Oh my pretty ones. There's a need for men and guns 

and it aint enough to sit and pray. Sometimes even good men go away.” 


Yeah Daddy's gone a soldier, got an eagle on his shoulder, 

flag on his arm and he's gonna make 'em pay 

At home they're scared of fighting, saying “you don't have to die, son.” 

Kids say “Daddy, are you coming home today?” 


And he says “Oh, no, my pretty ones. There's a need for men and guns. 

There's just too much at stake, and there's some things in this life you've got to face.” 


Well there's a letter in a locker, when she gets it it will drop her. 

It's sitting underneath some babies boots she made 

And it says “Oh My pretty ones, I guess this means my time has come.

Like gypsies who never stay, Daddies only come to go away.”

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